All About Albums

I’ve spent a lot of time and researching different photo album options. I’ve been looking for one that blows me away. It took me a couple of different tries, but I found a company that I am so impressed with and excited to offer to my clients! When you feel one of these albums for the first time you are not going to want to put it down. They feel so nice in your hands and the quality is superior to anything that you would find in a consumer lab. As soon as you hold your album in your hands, you will understand why they are 100% #WorthIt and a million times better than scrolling on a screen.

photo album by Daphodil Photo

Benefits to Getting an Album

Albums are great if you love detail shots and want a larger collection of all your photos at the end of your session. A benefit to getting an album at the end of your session is that I take care of everything for you. When you hold your album, you will notice the pages are nice and thick and you don’t have to worry about them ripping when you are sharing your memories with your children. You will be able to pass down your album to your children someday.

As a mom, I think that’s so important that we have our memories printed. I know one of the things I cherish the most are photos that my mom has passed down to me of my childhood. I love being able to look back on those memories of things I would otherwise have forgotten.

With so many photos taken digitally, it is easy to just let your photos sit on your Google Drive and not get them printed. I think that is a huge disservice to your photos and to future generations. I enjoy my photos so much more when I have them in front of me and easily accessible. There is research studies that the emotional attachment to a photo in print is much greater than when you view photos on a screen. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for more ways to decrease my screen time and connect with my kids in other ways.

why photo albums are the perfect keepsake by daphodil photo

Choosing A Photo Album

Another benefit to a printing an album with me is that I help narrow down your choices so that it’s not overwhelming. We start simple with deciding on the size of your album. I carry albums in 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12. I also carry a mini album that is a great add-on for grandparents in a 6 by 6 size. I recommend a 10×10 for a session as that’s the most common and a really nice keepsake size. Once you decide on the size of your album, then we will decide on the cover. You have a choice of either dolomiti suede, selfoss velvet, linen or leather.

After you’ve picked out the type of material you’d like on your cover, then you get to pick on the exact color and what you want your album to be personalized with. Each album can have up to 3 lines of text on the cover. Below you can view the different cover options and colors. SO many great choices!!

Dolomiti Suede

Sefloss Velvet



Album Design

At your designing and ordering appointment after your session, we will talk about what you want to do with your photos. If you’d like to order an album, I will ask that you let me know any photos you don’t want to be included in your album. I will include all other colored photos in your album which is typically about 30 photos. I will then design a beautiful album including all your images from your session. 

why photo albums are 100% worth it by Daphodil Photo
keepsake photo album by daphodil photo

How to Care For Your Photo Album

These albums are meant to last so I recommend that you have them out in a place where you will be able to see them regularly. I like to keep them on a shelf in our living room. That way when my kids want to look at it it’s easy to take down and it’s a great reminder of our memories. 

If you are interested in getting an album at your next session please let me know if during your pre-session consult call. I will make sure that I include lots of detailed shots in your session for variety in your album. I can also pre-design an album for you to look at during our viewing and ordering appointment. This way, you can get an idea of what an album of your photos might look like. 

I know you are going to love these albums just as much as I do. They are so beautiful and something that you can be proud to pass on to your kids one day. I’ve found in the past that it can be hard to sit down and actually go through designing and ordering an album because it can be time-consuming. That is why I am happy to offer this service to families and get a gorgeous keepsake album in their hands asap. You will understand once you hold it in your hands why a photo album is 100% #WorthIt.

If you are interested in learning more about a session with me contact me or schedule a time to chat!