Looking for inspiration for your next Valentine’s Day mini sessions? I got you covered. February tends to be a slower month for photographers, so it’s the perfect time to welcome clients into your studio for Valentine’s Day mini sessions! 

I recently renovated my basement and I am using part of it for an in-home studio. It’s a small space, but perfect for studio sessions for newborns, babies, children, and small families. I’m super pumped to have my own space to shoot it and not have to lug all of my props around. My in-home studio is super cozy for parents to relax on the couch by the fireplace while I take photos of their precious babies. It was also the perfect space to shoot Valentine’s Day mini sessions and break it in! 

Planning The Mini Session

I had an idea in my head that I wanted valentine colored balloons to be surrounding the kids in my shots. I found the white, red, and pink balloons at Target. I also purchased heart-shaped sunglasses for them to wear from Amazon. Keep in mind when using flash that glare can happen when they’re looking at the camera. Most of the time, I had the girls put the sunglasses on their heads and used them as a prop. I purchased my backdrops from Kate Backdrops and the girls’ knit dresses from Target. 


I blew up all the balloons and had everything ready to go before I called the girls down for photos. They were super surprised and excited to see the balloons blown up. They loved wearing the heart-shaped, funky sunglasses. I let them throw the balloons, kick them around, and play while I snapped away. What a fun session!!!

Prop Ideas For Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions

  • Balloons
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Glitter (use with caution, of course) 
  • White chairs
  • Heart necklaces
  • Bubbles
  • Tiny conversation hearts 

I hope these images spark your imagination and give you some ideas of how to set up and shoot Valentine’s Day mini sessions. I used my own girls as models and didn’t offer this session to the public, however, I think I might in years to come because it was so fun and the photos that I took are adorable! I had to get a couple of them printed right away and hung up in my new in-homes studio. They look amazing!