The time between your child being born and turning one year old goes by in the snap of a finger. Watching my daughter grow from newborn blob to rolling over to crawling and finally walking was such an amazing thing to witness. I can’t believe how quickly she changed, sometimes seemingly overnight. Like they say, the days are long, but the years really are short and go by so quickly. That’s why I highly recommend getting baby milestone photos taken. If you’re interested in baby milestone photography in Appleton, WI keep reading! 

When You Should Schedule A Baby Milestone Session

You can schedule a baby milestone photography session any time throughout the first year. I recommend around 6 months or when your baby starts to sit. We call these “sitter sessions.” Another good time is when they start to push up to their hands and knees and crawl. Of course, the all important one year milestone is a great option for updating baby’s photos. They really do change SO quickly. Capture those adorable rolls, drool, and squishy cheeks before it’s too late! 

I recommend scheduling sessions at:

  • 6 months or 9 months
  • One year
  • Yearly child milestones after one year

What To Expect During a Baby Photo Session

I do all baby milestone photography sessions at my in-home studio in Kaukauna. Many of the props and setups are similar to what I use for newborn photography, I just use them a little differently. For example, I use a dog bed to prop baby up off the floor and take some shots on their tummy and back. I also have props like bowls and chairs for baby to sit on. I provide props and will ask you to bring in a couple neutral colored outfits for baby to wear. Typically, I’ll set up about 3 different backdrops and looks to choose your photos from.

A favorite toy can be helpful to bring along, as well as any special props you’d like included in your baby’s photos. Having mom or dad behind me is also really helpful when getting baby to look at the camera. Sessions usually last about 30 minutes.

What To Bring:

  • Favorite stuffy
  • Favorite toys
  • Any special props you’d like included 

What Happens If Baby Isn’t Happy

This happens! Number one thing to do is not panic or feel guilty. Babies are babies! We will take our time as needed. You will be right there to comfort and feed your baby as much as needed. Babies can’t be rushed! This is totally normal and we’ll start again when baby is calmer. It also helps to schedule their session after a nap time and when their tummy is fully fed. 

Why You Should Schedule A Baby Milestone Session

Take it from me, a mama to two girls who are now 3 and 7. Time goes by so much faster than you want it to. I still tell my girls to stop growing because it’s so hard to see them grow up. I just want them to stay babies! But of course, that’s not possible. As much as it’s difficult, it’s also really rewarding to see them grow up and hit new milestones. You’re gonna grow up too and change right along with them. Photos help take you back to that time. 

For more information about scheduling a baby milestone photography session near Appleton, WI, reach out to me by filling out my contact form. I will get back to you asap with a response.

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