What A Year!

I can’t believe it’s almost time to turn our calendars to a brand new year. Usually, I get swamped with Christmas shopping and wrapping and completely forget about the new year. Things have changed quite a bit since my college days where I lived for New Year’s Eve parties. Now with kids, I’m lucky to make it til 10 o’clock. But, I digress. It’s almost time to ring in 2022, which means I’m looking back on 2021. I have goals to review and my top 21 of 2021 to share with you!

If we worked together in 2021, I want to take a second and say THANK YOU! I’m so grateful for the wonderful families I worked with. You are the best. Your images speak for themselves. Helping you remember this time with your family before your kids grow up is what it’s all about!

Goal Review

2021 started a big shift in my business. Previously, I was a digital-only photographer. At the end of 2020, I knew that I needed a change and that change came this year with offering prints and products. I am serving my clients so much better by helping them print their photos. I can ensure their photos will be printed beautifully and that they are taken care of. No more worrying about where to print your photos or how to print them. That’s my job! The goals I set for 2021 are below. I’m happy to see I met most of them! I need to work on blogging and emailing more consistently in 2022.

2021 Goals

  1. Shoot a senior session ✅
  2. Transition to IPS ✅
  3. Blog consistently (1x/week)❌
  4. Email consistently (2-4x/month) ❌
  5. Take a mentorship ✅
  6. Set up a CRM ✅
  7. Double my email list subscribers ✅
  8. Shoot in a new location ✅
  9. Show myself more on camera/in stories ✅
  10. Tell more stories in marketing & less “noise” ✅

Top 21 Images of 2021

Click on the Instagram reel to view the top 21 images of 2021! Like the song on the reel says, the best is yet to come! I am uber excited for what’s in the plans for 2022! In short, I’m going to make your life easier. 😊

When you’re ready to plan your epic session for 2022, contact me. It’s gonna be GREAT and I can’t wait!!!