Tips For A Smooth Family Session

One of the reasons I have niched down to family sessions is because I know how important it is to document and remember this time with your family before your kids get older. Every day they’re changing and growing. I understand as a mom myself how wonderful that is, but also difficult! Deciding to make time for family photos is something you will never regret. The more, the better! We can’t get this time back and memories can fade. So first, give yourself a pat on the back for scheduling family photos. Second, read my 5 tips for making your family session go smoother to prepare for your session! 

5 tips for making your family session fo smoother by Daphodil Photo

1. Bring snacks

Kids are notoriously hangry. I’ve had sessions where kiddos are hungry from the start and that never goes well. Pack a couple of snacks in your bag to bring to your session. Snacks that won’t melt or get messy on clothes are a good idea like pretzels, goldfish, fruit snacks, or teddy grahams. 

2. Have a reward for kids after the session

There is nothing wrong with rewarding your kids for participating in family photos with something special after the session. Most families will go out for ice cream or dinner after their session as a special treat. It really makes the experience extra special and one to remember! 

3. Bring a helper

If you have very young kids (under 2) and more than one, I recommend bringing a helper if possible. Kids are unpredictable and having an extra set of hands can be really helpful. I know it’s not possible for everyone and that’s okay! But if Grandma or Grandpa is willing and available, bring them along to help! 

Tips for making your family session go smoother by Daphodil Photo

4. Have realistic expectations 

The biggest tip for parents is to have realistic expectations. Kids are kids! When they’re with a new adult they might not listen all the time or be on their best behavior. As a mom and former elementary speech therapist, believe me, I understand. The behavior of your kids is not a reflection of you as a parent. If they run around like crazy, act like an animal, and roar at me the whole time, no worries! I can still capture beautiful family photos. I love incorporating movement in sessions so that kids don’t get squirrely. My goal is to always go with the flow of the family during a session. If it seems like kids need to move on to something different or a pose isn’t working, then we’ll do just that. It’s not worth the tears to force something when there are sooo many other poses we can do! 

5. Focus on your family 

Embrace the chaos of this time of life. Let go of the little things and focus on your family. Sessions will not be 100% perfect and that’s okay. Babies spit-up. Kids get silly. It’s okay! Focus on the love you have for your family and enjoy this time together. Get extra snuggly with your kids. Make them laugh. Look your husband in the eyes and tell him how much you love him. This is what you want to remember. 

Family sessions are my favorite because seeing a family interact together is such a special thing to observe. Some families are loud and wild, while others are quieter. Whatever your family is like, you can be yourselves in front of my camera. Remember these 5 tips to help prepare for your family session and you’ll be good to go! 

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View some of the moments documented during the McKim family session below.