There is something extra special about extended family photography sessions. It’s not often that whole families gather together, but when they do – watch out. There’s so much love, laughter, and a little craziness that is triggered. At the end of the day, these are the moments that matter the most. Life can change so quickly. Having photos with extended family members is a great reminder of what’s most important in life. 

This past summer, I met up with Alli and some of her extended family members for a summer family session near Appleton, WI. She reached out about a session because her family was visiting from out of state. It had already been a couple of months since I last photographed her newborn and daughter. Her baby boy had already grown so much since his newborn photo session. 

How To Prep For An Extended Family Session

Some things to think about a prepare before an extended family session.

  • Make sure the location is easily accessible with parking close
  • Consider any ailments or restrictions for walking that’s needed 
  • Have one point person of the family organize outfit coordination, provide a shot list, and order images and artwork
  • Plan shot list ahead of time to make sure all groupings are captured (i.e., grandparents + grandkids, grandparents + kids, parents + kids, etc.) 
  • Get those must-have groups shots done first before kids are too squirrely 
  • Be flexible with your shot list. If kids aren’t having it, move on to a different group and come back. 
  • Allow enough time before sunset! Anywhere from 60-90 minutes for an extended family session depending on number of people. 
  • Have realistic expectations. If something isn’t working, don’t force kids and keep trying. Instead, get kids moving and interacting with the session. Also, bribery works wonders. 

Extended family photography sessions can be super fun and the images that come from them are beautiful keepsakes for a lifetime. Even though extra planning is needed, it’s so worth it for shots of grandparents with their grandchildren or even grown parents with their parents. It’s a reminder that family is what matters when all is said and done. 

View more of a generation session below. If you have questions about extended family photography sessions or would like to book a session, contact me. I’m happy to answer any questions you have!