Senior photos are an important part senior year because it’s a time in life that will always be remembered.  You may not remember every part of your senior year, but you will remember your senior photos.  Hopefully the experience of getting your senior photos taken is as painless as possible and actually fun! If you are looking for it senior pictures Appleton WI keep reading! I have listed my favorite 5 senior boy poses below! 

I know when I had my senior photos taken it was a lot different than photography now. I didn’t have any say over what poses I did or where we went. I also never met my photographer ahead of time, so it was a little bit on the awkward side. Now, I make sure to meet all of my clients ahead of time and answer their questions so that they are prepared and comfortable on the day of the shoot.

5 Senior Boy Poses

Stand and cross your arms

senior boy posing, appleton wi senior photographer

Stand and lean against a wall or building

senior pictures appleton wi, senior boy leaning on building

Sit, bend one leg and cross the other leg under. Lean on your knee. 

senior photos in appleton wi, senior boy sitting

Sit cross-legged. 

senior pictures in appleton wi, senior boy sitting on dock

Sit on a chair and bend one leg. Hold your ankle. 

For boys, it can be slightly awkward to pose during a senior picture session. However, with clear instructions, it doesn’t have to be! I make sure to model all of the poses that I want my senior boys to do ahead of time so they know exactly what I want them to do. I also keep them talking during the session so that they are relaxed. I’m open to any suggestions they have regarding poses that make them feel comfortable and feel like “them.”

I hope this post gave you some ideas for poses for senior boys. Posing doesn’t have to be super complicated or awkward. Make sure that they are posing in ways that are authentic to their personality in a great location and you will have beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime. 

If you’re looking for senior pictures in Appleton WI please contact me through my contact form. I’m happy to answer any questions you have via email or short phone call.