As we all know, 2020 has been a ride. Despite the numerous difficult and sad events of this year, I also had a lot to be thankful for both personally and professionally. As a wrap up to the year, I want to take a second and reflect on the good things about 2020. Yes, there were some.  🙂 I also want to showcase my top 20 photographs I took in 2020 for Daphodil Photo. There were so many it was difficult to choose, but I guess that’s a good problem to have! 

Personally, 2020 was a growing year for me. I hit some lows this year with trying to balance work, motherhood, self-care, and maintain relationships during the shutdown. Having both kids home with me and trying to work at the same time seemed impossible. It’s like being pulled in two very different directions. Although challenging, we got through it and luckily my oldest daughter was able to go back to school in person in the fall. We had a lot of great moments as a family this year. It’s been so exciting to watch my youngest learn to walk, learn new words, and finally give me those huge bear hugs I’ve been waiting for. My oldest daughter seems so much more grown-up this year and has been rocking kindergarten. We didn’t go many places, but we enjoyed spending extra time together as a family.

Professionally, I grew so much! This was year one for Daphodil Photo and I am so proud of what I have accomplished this year. I built my website, started an email list, learned how to run facebook ads, worked with a variety of families, and grew more confident in my photography skills. One of the best parts of this year was meeting new families and capturing their love for one another. I also really enjoyed exploring the Fox Cities more and discovering so many cool places to shoot. We are so lucky to have such beautiful landscapes so close to home!

I rounded up my top 20 of 2020 for Daphodil Photo. I’d love to know – which one is your favorite? Comment below!