Isn’t it just the best to be able to pack up the family and head up north? Getting away from everything for a little while can do wonders for mental health. This past summer we spent a couple of days at Whippoorwill Valley Cabin in Crivitz, WI after researching a Wisconsin cabin rental. We booked the trip through Airbnb. My biggest regret after our trip was not booking more days! I was trying to imagine what it would be like to have a 5-year-old and a one-year-old, so I went conservative and booked two nights. Of course, my girls slept AMAZING and I should’ve done more. 

This cabin is updated and has tons of cool features. I loved the air conditioning, wifi, comfy beds, beautiful campfire area, and kayaks available. Our hosts were very thoughtful. They left us fresh eggs from their farm, smores supplies on the table, and dry firewood since it has recently rained. We ran into a slight hiccup getting in using a door app because my Bluetooth wouldn’t work, but their friendly neighborhood helped us out. One bedroom had enough room for a pack ‘n play, so my youngest got her own room. My older daughter and I shared the king bed and my husband got the pull-out couch. Lucky him. 🙂 

Once we settled in, we spent the first night by the campfire. Beyond the firepit is a pretty steep drop off that made me a little nervous with my one-year-old. We had to watch her pretty close, but luckily she has an early bedtime and wasn’t out for the campfire at night. We made smores and drank a couple of Vizzys. They have different gnomes scattered around the campfire. I especially loved the one that was mooning us. It was a great night to be outside with perfect weather (mid-70s). The cabin also had outdoor games to play like badminton, lawn dice, and jarts that we enjoyed. 

The next day we headed to Veteran’s Falls which was a short 5-minute drive from the cabin. It wasn’t the most toddler-friendly area by the waterfall, so we put our one-year-old in a carrier. There were quite a few rocks and small paths, so you’ll definitely need to keep an eye on littles when viewing the waterfall. It is beautiful though and I highly recommend going! 

We took the kayaks out multiple times from the dock. They also had stand up paddleboards to use. I kayaked with my five-year-old daughter and by myself a couple of times. It was SO quiet and peaceful on the water. You can’t see other cabins, so it feels like you’re all by yourself. It was definitely good for the soul and recharging. 

The highlight of our trip was sitting by the fire. One night we were making smores and heard something down by the water. I thought it was a dog, but nope! A black bear ran through the woods down by the water. It was pretty far away, but made me a little nervous! It makes sense that there are black bears there though, it’s so beautiful and deep in the woods. It was pretty cool to see!

What an awesome trip! It was by far the highlight of our 2020. I loved all the little touches from our airbnb hosts. I also loved reading the journal on the kitchen table of other families’ adventures. We will definitely be heading back!!

If you’d like the link to check out this Wisconsin cabin rental, you can view it here