Trying to decide between an in-home newborn session or a studio session? While they both are great choices, I believe in-home sessions have some great benefits! Check out my top 5 reasons in-home sessions are perfect for your growing family!

#1 You’re most comfortable at home

We all know this time goes by so quickly. Photos of your family and your newborn should be something you look forward to, not something to stress about. Sleepless nights when they’re little take enough toll on new moms! In home sessions are perfect for newborns and their families because you are most comfortable in your own home.

Comfortable at home=more comfortable in front of a camera

Appleton in home newoborn session

#2 It’s perfect for little siblings

Most moms of newborns I photograph also have other kids. It can be a struggle to wrangle the whole crew for family photos, so being at home can improve the whole experience. Baby’s siblings will have more freedom to interact with baby in their own space, take breaks as needed, and it won’t mess with their sleep schedule for naps since they are already at home!

Appleton newborn sessio

#3 Flexibility

As moms, we know nothing ever goes as planned. One of the best reasons to have an in-home session is the flexibility it offers. Kids need a snack break? No problem! Baby pooped all over you? You don’t have to worry about packing another outfit for everyone. Newborn sessions are very much child and baby-led. We go with their flow and that’s totally okay.

Appleton in-home newborn photography

#4 Your home helps tell your story

I know your home may be messy, but hear me out. It doesn’t matter! For real. I will hide the clutter and clothes that still need to be folded. We will discuss which rooms to shoot in and tidy up as we go. Your home does not need to be Pinterest worthy. It just needs to be yours. There is something so special about our homes around the time of raising babies. You spend so much time making memories, washing messy faces, and changing all those diapers. Some day you will want to remember this time and place. You will luckily have photos to look back on and relive this precious time.

Appleton in-home newborn photographer

#5 You don’t have to go anywhere!

When you have a newborn the last thing you want to do is pack all the things, get everyone fed, and go out somewhere when you can barely stay awake. I will come to you for your newborn session. Baby can feed whenever he/she needs to. You will be comfortable and your family will be ready to play, interact, and love on each other during your in-home newborn session!

Appleton In Home Newborn Photography Session by Daphodil Photo & Film