Maternity Photography at Gorgeous Scheig Center Gardens

I joined Emily and Branden for a maternity photography session at the Scheig Center in Memorial Park in Appleton, WI. My biggest regret from when I was pregnant was not getting maternity photos done. It’s such a special time in life and goes by so quickly in hindsight. I had my second baby shortly before this shoot, so it brought back memories of sweet baby kicks and loving on the belly.

Emily was absolutely stunning in her dusty rose dress. The Scheig Center in Memorial Park in Appleton, WI was a beautiful backdrop to show the love and connection between Emily and Branden.

We spent most of our maternity session at the Scheig Center in the back of the gardens. The sun was hanging out behind some trees that bathed Emily and Branden in a beautiful light. I gave Emily the cue to “Megan Markle” her bump and constantly have a hand on her belly. She rocked it.

Becoming new parents…

We talked during our session about their worries and hopes. As first time parents, the unknown can be so scary. You’re so excited to meet your little one, yet birth can go so many ways that it’s hard to focus on the end quite yet. My words of wisdom were to focus on the good to come, like seeing your husband become a father and holding your baby for the first time.

There are many people who love to scare new parents and forget to mention all the AMAZING things they are about to go through; that first smile, the first laugh, first (wet) kiss, first word, the first time your baby truly looks at you. Your life will be forever changed in the best way. Seeing your baby for the first time after birth is the best reward.

I’m so thankful I had the pleasure to capture these beautiful moments. These two are going to be great parents.