My Top 5 Sites to Dress Your Family

Do you struggle to know where to look for family photo outfits for your session? There are so many websites out there that it can get overwhelming to look at them all and search for the perfect outfit. When planning outfits for your session, I recommend starting with one outfit you really love and planning the other outfits around that one. Also, I recommend starting with mom’s outfit first. We really are the star of the show anyways. 😊

Once you have your outfit figured out, it makes looking for coordinating outfits much easier. But where to look for inspiration? Head to these online stores for inspiration and to purchase a dress that fits your style. If you are comfortable with it, I HIGHLY recommend that mom wears a midi or maxi dress. It looks flattering on many different body types and the movement created by dresses looks amazing in photos. 

Where to Shop For Mom


where to shop for clothing for family photo outfits by daphodil photo

Knotted Fern

knotted fern clothing for family photos by daphodil photo


roolee womens clothing for family photos by daphodil photo

Baltic Born

baltic born womens clothing for family photos by daphodil photo

One Loved Babe

one loved babe womens clothing for family photos by daphodil photo


Use coupon code “DAPHODIL” to save 15% off at Fehrnvi! I do make a small commission on purchases made with my code.


Shop for dresses on Amazon using the links below. Some of the dresses also come in other colors. Please note that I receive a small commission for Amazon purchases. Thank you in advance for your support!

Where to Shop for Kids

Knotted Fern

where to shop for kids photoshoot by daphodil photo


where to shop for family photos by daphodil photo

One Loved Babe

where to shop for baby clothes for family photos by daphodil photo


Old Navy

All of these sites have super cute options for mom and kids. Dads usually have something in their closet that will work for family photos, so check there first. Otherwise, take a look at Target, Old Navy, or H&M for a henley, polo, or button-down shirt. Dads are usually the easiest, so they go last. 😆

I hope this post gave you some ideas of places to look for family photo outfits. There are so many great options out there to dress your family. I’ve also had luck finding dresses online at second-hand stores like Thred Up. Another idea would be to check out a styling service like Wantable or Stitch Fix.

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