In-home sessions are perfect for families with young children. Not having to pack up the crew and being comfortable in your own home makes a huge difference for a photo session. Kids tend to warm up more quickly. It’s also much easier for a quick outfit change or snack break. I offer in-home sessions in the Fox Cities, so if you’re looking at Oshkosh photographers please reach out so I can answer all your questions!

Prepping for an in-home family session is not nearly as time-consuming as it sounds. When we talk ahead of time at your pre-session consult, we’ll discuss which rooms will be best to use. You can prepare by picking up just those spaces, so don’t worry about calling the cleaning lady!

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How To Prep Your House 

If you have lots of stuff out, make sure to put as much away as you can that is not your real-life type of clutter. We need to have your kid’s toys out, blankets on couches, kids’ shoes by the door etc., however, if you can put away things like grocery bagsand breast pumps, that will help. Only have out what you want in your photographs, and if you are unsure leave it!

When I arrive if I feel like something is distracting, we can throw it in a closet. Make sure you have things out that your children love. Do they have a stuffed animal they can’t live without? Make sure it’s handy!

I will shoot at different perspectives and angles, so don’t worry about your house being super clean.

How to Prep Your Kids

Kids are kids! They don’t always want to cooperate or sit still and that is okay! I will capture your child(ren) as they are at this time in their life. We will have activities planned to keep them engaged and will change activities/locations in your home as needed. We will plan our session around nap and feeding times. Snack breaks are encouraged!

Activity Ideas for In-Home Sessions

Think about what does your family likes to do together. What memories do you want to display in your home or in an album? Think about what you love about your child(ren)’s unique interests right now because they will likely change before you know it. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Dance party
  • Baking
  • Bubbles
  • Pillow fights
  • Airplane
  • Tickle fights
  • Reading a favorite book
  • Playing a game
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How to Prep for the Best Lighting 

Almost all homes have some source of natural light to use for lifestyle sessions, such as a window. Some rooms will have better light than others, so we will choose rooms based on where you’d like photos taken and where the best light is during the session time. You can prep your home by turning off all lights and opening up all the shades in your house. 

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Next Steps

In-home photo sessions can be a great option to remember this crazy, beautiful time in life with littles. I love that kids are more themselves and that allows me to really capture their personalities at home. Prepping for an in-home session doesn’t have to be overwhelming or take a lot of time for an already busy mama. I hope these tips to prep for your session are helpful!

If you’re looking at Oshkosh photographers, I would love to chat more about a session! Reach out by sending me a message

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