I captured the McQuillan family at their home near Appleton, WI on a cold morning in January. Lifestyle photography is the perfect option for this busy family of five because it makes for a more relaxed session with small children. Kids (and parents too!) have a hard time sitting still for traditional family photos. I feel those tradition family photos are missing the connection piece that as parents we cherish. Lifestyle sessions allow the family to naturally interact. They are my favorite because we capture genuine smiles and interactions that otherwise would not be captured.

We incorporated activities into the McQuillan family lifestyle photography session that included snuggles and tickles on mom and dad’s bed, playing with kinetic sand, reading a book, and dressing up in costumes. Their kids were relaxed and were themselves, which makes for authentic and fun photos!

I had a lot of favorite moments from their session. I loved that their daughter, Rory, dressed up as a “tooth fairy ballerina” and their son, Abe, was “Gecko.” These are the moments that will someday change and I’m so glad I was able to be there to document it.

I also loved their sibling pictures. Can you tell they’re related? I had to snap a photo when they all had their fingers in their mouth at the same time!

There were also those small moments during the session that as a mom, made my heart melt. I loved when Rory sat on mom’s lap and played with her necklace because it reminded me of my own daughter. At the end of the session, we left time for pictures of just mom and dad. Even though the kids were “done” they still wanted to get in on their pictures! It was so sweet.