A huge benefit of having an in-home newborn session is that you will receive both posed newborn photos and candid family photos from the comfort of your own home. This means, you don’t have to pack up your family and go anywhere with a newborn. #thatsoundsawesome Usually, a family would have to choose one or the other and not have the benefit of getting family photos done in their own home. When Jace’s mom first reached out to me she had concerns about her house being too dark. This is a concern that a lot of parents have when they consider having an in-home session. However, as long as the room we shoot in has a window with light coming in, we are good! So, if you are looking for baby photography in Appleton, don’t worry if you don’t have a “Pinterest like” home.  

Photos From One Room With Natural Light

All of the photos below in Jace’s newborn gallery were taken from one room in their home with natural light. I brought lighting equipment as a backup but I didn’t end up needing it. I love that it almost looks like we were in a studio shooting or verses in the same bedroom as the family photos.

Another benefit to having an in-home newborn session is other children are able to take breaks as they need and it doesn’t mess up your schedule as much. For Jace’s newborn session, his brother was still napping when I got there and he was able to nap longer and join us when he woke up. This gave us time to shoot just mom and baby and mom/dad/baby without big brother there. When big brother was done with photos, he was able to go play and do something that he wanted to do. I find the whole family is so much more comfortable when they’re in their own home. You have the added benefit of having photos in the home where you are raising your baby. You are going to be making a lot of memories in that house and I think it’s really important to remember this time in life that goes by so fast. 

In-Home Newborn Sessions

Baby Photography in Appleton is done completely in-home which means I come to you!! I have flooring, lighting equipment, props, wraps, bonnets, and outfits that I bring with me. We can also incorporate special or meaningful props from your own house. There are SO many benefits to an in-home session for babies and for families. (i.e., it’s so much easier!) 

If you are interested in baby photography in Appleton, please reach out by contacting me. I’m happy to talk about the details of a session with you!