It was quite a strange summer this year with so much going on during the pandemic. So many things were closed and as families, we’ve had to adjust to the new normal. One thing we can always count on is each other. Photo sessions are a great way to spend time together as a family and capture a moment in time. While pregnancy feels a hundred years long, it’s relatively short when we look back on it. I was so happy to join the Krautkramer family at Bubolz Nature Preserve in Appleton, WI this summer and be their Appleton maternity photographer. They have such a gorgeous family!

They braved the mosquitos, fended off the thrill of a playset nearby, and completely rocked their session. Check out their outfits! Nailed it!

Luella was effortlessly stunning and one of the sweetest mamas I’ve met. Grayson and Barrett were a blast and seeing their family walking together actually got me a little teary. It’s incredible to be able to capture such a short time in a family’s life, as they are about to become a family of five. Luella and I talked about that feeling of excitement for what’s to come, but also nervousness about change. You will be amazing, mama! I have no doubts.

Luella and Jon own a local smoothie and juice bar, Fuze Nutrition Club, in Appleton. We talked about juggling family and work and how challenging that can be. Congrats to Luella and Jon for opening their second location recently! 

Shortly after their session, the Krautkramers welcomed a beautiful baby girl! I’m so glad I could document this short time in their life and help them remember what a strong mama Luella is. Our bodies go through so much to bring new life into this world. It deserves to be celebrated!  

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