313 Dodge

I’ve lived in Kaukauna for 8 years now and I’m surprised at how many assumptions I had that were totally wrong. It’s a city I never would have thought we would live in or start raising our family here. Growing up, I knew Kaukauna for the smell and not much else. I’m happy to discover there is so much more to Kaukauna than paper factories and ghosts. One of my favorite additions has been 313 Dodge in Kaukauna. 

If you’re not familiar, 313 Dodge is a small plates restaurant near downtown Kaukauna at 313 Dodge St. I’m a huge lover of places with a good ambiance and this place has it! I have especially appreciated everything they’ve done since COVID started in March. They have outdoor seating with heaters and cozy fires going. You can order your drinks and food at their walk-up window and they bring it right out to you. 

I recently celebrated my 34th birthday by going out for a drink at 313 and sitting by the fire. My husband and I talked about how nice it was to have someplace to go, even though it’s chilly out in November. We each had a hot whisky apple pie drink special that was delicious and warmed me right up. Besides the drinks and food, I appreciated how chill it was there. You can bring your dog along and people are just friendly. We talked to an older couple out by the fire for a while and it was so relaxing! 

313 Dodge

With businesses pivoting their offerings since COVID started, some new options have been created and I am a fan! 313 offers to-go drinks and drink kits. One of my dear friends surprised me with a blueberry lavender vodka spritzer to-go kit for my birthday so I got to have 313 drinks two times over the weekend! 

I’m a complete novice when it comes to making drinks. I absolutely love fancy drinks but have no idea how to make good ones. I admittedly had to call my friend when I bought a to-go drink in fall and wasn’t sure how to put it together. The drink kits come with instructions and make 4 yummy drinks.

313 Dodge Kaukauna WI

I gotta say, Kaukauna has really stepped it up in recent years. We are no longer just known for the smell, but have so many awesome businesses popping up. 313 Dodge is one of my favorites and I’m so glad they are here! If you haven’t, go check them out!

I’m planning on getting their drink kits for our Christmas this year and can’t wait to see what flavors they come up with!