Have you ever considered having an extended family session with your loved ones? A short and sweet definition of an extended family session is a session with more than your nuclear family. For example, you might get together with grandparents, grandkids, cousins, aunts, and uncles to take photos with. 

If you’re considering an extended family session, you’re probably wondering about what shots should be on the “must have” shot list. Without a shot list, a session with many people can get chaotic, but with pre-planning and creating a shot list, the session goes so much smoother. 

Step #1

Step numero uno an awesome extended family session – gather your loved ones together and enjoy spending time capturing moments that might otherwise be missed. If your family does not get together often, having photos taken can be a great way to remember your special time together. 

Step #2

Step two to an awesome extended family session – make a shot list! 

When creating a shot list, it’s important to think about each grouping you’d like photographed. 

Step #3

Write out the shot list and give it to your photographer before the session date. 

Here are some extended family session inspiration and shot list ideas to get the wheels turning. 

Extended Family Must Have Shot List 

Whole Family Together

Extended Family Session Appleton WI by Daphodil Photo

Grandparents Only

Grandparents + Grandkids

Grandkids Together

Granparents + Adult Children

Extended Family Photo Session Appleton WI by Daphodil Photo

Individual Families

Individual Children Portraits

All Men Together

All Women Together

Extended Family Photos Appleton WI by Daphodil Photo

The most important thing is to speak up during your session if there’s a particular group you would like photographed together. Remember, many of these sessions don’t happen super often, so taking a minute to gather a different group is definitely worth it. Coming prepared for your session is also super important so that it runs smoothly. This is a big reason why I meet with every client before their session over Zoom so we can discuss all the details for the best session experience. 

If you are interested in more information on an extended family session, please fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you asap!